We manufacture Disc washers / Belleville washers in every material such as Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Fibre, Mild Steel (M.S.), Stainless Steel ( Grade 201,202,304,316, 316L, 400 etc), Carbon Steel, Spring Steel, High Tensile Steel. Washers are available as per Din, Indian Standards (I.S.), Japanese Standards (J.S.), British Standards (B.S.) & American Standards. Special Washers can be manufactured as per I.D., O.D. height, & thickness requirement, as per your drawing or as per the sample you provide.

Disc springs designed and manufactured to DIN 2093 / DIN 2092. The disc spring washers are manufactured from high quality spring steel strip and forgings, subject to close tolerances these are the industry standard for quality. Belleville washers / Disc washers are commonly used as springs, or to apply a pre-load or flexible quality to a bolted joint or bearing.

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