Select the right type of Cable Lugs for the most diverse applications in the electrical sectors. Copper Cable Lugs provide the best, reliable and durable crimping results. Cable Lugs are manufactured from pure high conductivity copper for corrosion resistance and for improved accuracy during installation. Manufactured range of Cable Lugs comply with IEC 61238 International Standards. In addition, Cable Lugs are also certified with UL. They are also insulated with rubber or plastic to prevent accidental damage and socks.

  • Cable Lugs Tinned Copper Tubular (Without Inspection Hole)
  • Cable Lugs Mechanical - Bolted With 2 Screws and 4 Screws
  • Cable Lugs Aluminum Forged (As Per DIN 46329)
  • Cable Lugs Aluminum 3 - Core Sector
  • Cable Lugs Aluminum 4 - Core Sector
  • Cable Lugs Tubular Compression (As Per DIN 46235)
  • Copper Compression Lugs - Short Barrel
  • Copper Compression Lugs - Long Barrel
  • Copper Compression Lugs - Long Barrel, 2 Holes
  • Cable Terminal Ends Ring Type Tinned Copper (Non Insulated)
  • Cable Terminal Ends Special
Material • Electromagnetic Steel
• Coated Steel
• Stainless Steel
• Aluminium
• Galvanized Steel
• Steel
Threading • B.S.W., B.S.F., B.S.B., B.S.P. & B.S.P.T as per British Standard Whitworth Form
• N.C. & U.N.C., N.F. & U.N.F., N.P.T & N.P.S., N.S., N.E.F. etc. as per American National Form Threads
• Metric, NPT, BSP, PG or specified
• ISO Metric (MM Threads)
• BA Threads
• DIN Standard
• GB Threads
Finishing and Coating • Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated Brass, Electro-Tin, Chrome or any coating as per customer requirements.
Applications • For connecting cables to Electrical Appliances, Equipment, Surfaces, Mechanisms and other Cables.
• Designed to be easily removed for repairs and maintenance.
• Generally used when permanent, direct fastening methods are not feasible or necessary.
• Cables can be soldered, crimped or welded depending on the type.
• Provide easy and effortless installation without any special tools.

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