Brass Cable Glands has range of cable terminate ends which are designed to meet international standards. This ensures compliance with the demands of a majority of end user’s Electrical Authorities, Contractors, Switch Board Panel Builders, Electrical Wholesale Outlets and Traders. The compliance with electrical specification are in accordance with the general requirements. Aluminium Core Sector Cable Lugs are available with features like initial and final resistance, tensile pull off test and cycling periods.

Material • E-Copper, Aluminium, High Conductivity Copper to EN 12735, Copper BS 4579 Part 3, PVC, High Conductivity Aluminium Tube
Threading • B.S.W., B.S.F., B.S.B., B.S.P. & B.S.P.T as per British Standard Whitworth Form
• N.C. & U.N.C., N.F. & U.N.F., N.P.T & N.P.S., N.S., N.E.F. etc. as per American National Form Threads
• Metric, NPT, BSP, PG or specified
• ISO Metric (MM Threads)
• BA Threads
• DIN Standard
• GB Threads
Finishing and Coating • Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated Brass, Electro-Tin, Chrome or any coating as per customer requirements.
Applications • Suitable for multi core sector shaped Solid Aluminium Conductors.
• Designed for use with shallow indent crimp dies.
• Suitable for solid or stranded copper or aluminium cables.
• Used in conjunction with wall mounted rod bases.
• Easy to position palm correctly for termination.
• Aluminium Conductor needs to be used to match the conductivity of the equivalent copper conductor.
• Designed to be connected onto a conductor to facilitate the termination of the cable without the need for crimping.

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