Third Eye Metals Pvt Ltd are leading manufacturers of high-quality nonferrous metal components. We are manufacturers of high-quality cable glands, conduit fittings, electrical accessories earthing accessories and lightning protection. Our core team has an experience of more than 30 years in manufacturing of brass components and other metal alloys.

THIRD EYE METALS PVT. LTD. aims to revolutionize manufacturing by amalgamating traditional and modern production techniques. Our team leaders possess a cumulative skill set of manufacturing, marketing, management and export. THIRD EYE METALS PVT LTD is founded as a fusion of experience and ambition, persistence and innovation, maturity and youth. Our core team involves people with decades of experience in brass manufacturing. The team is led by young entrepreneurial minds that are looking to globalize the immense manufacturing potential that India presents to the world.

Jamnagar is often referred to as the “Brass Manufacturing Hub of the World”. We are situated in the heart of the industrial area of Jamnagar, where majority of all brass component in the world are manufactured. Using traditional techniques and resources and modernizing it with innovation and equipment, we aim to provide quality, precision and efficiency in our products and the processes that go behind creating them. Our products go through rigorous quality checks at after every process to ensure highest quality whilst regulating sufficient supply of goods on time.

We possess a wide range of machining operations in our production unit, that broadens the spectrum of components that we can manufacture. This gives us an opportunity to provide our clients with all solutions under one roof. Our machining capabilities include foundry casting, turning, milling, forging, threading, drilling, cutting, CNC and Laser marking. This enables us to cover the entire range of products in the electrical components category.

Why Choose Us

Our Value

THIRD EYE METALS PVT LTD aims to constantly keep innovating production techniques through amalgamating traditional and modern manufacturing systems. This gives us an opportunity where we our team can consist of both, youth and experienced craftsmen from the brass manufacturing industry. Having over 3 different generations come together, we see the manufacturing industry evolving, holding a strong foundation of traditional values.

Our Mission

We envision the future of Indian manufacturing as being a provider to the entire world. We are constantly in pursuit of sustainability – in business, in society and in the environment. Client satisfaction and their progress is our topmost priority. Our multigenerational approach serves that opportunity on a platter for us. With the experience of the elderly and the enthusiasm of the young, we plan to exhibit this potential globally.

Our Vision

Fulfilling the requirements of the clients is our only mission. We strive to serve our clients with quality, precision and punctuality. With robust values and strong work ethic, we are in constant pursuit to keep learning, keep improving, keep serving better - Better products, better working terms, better prices and most importantly, better relationships. While we are globalizing the brass manufacturing industry, we intend to keep our traditional values alive.